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Science, no Fiction

We, a team of scientists, designed OWN to support our work. Soon, we learned that we were not the only ones in need of a new way to gather and make sense of complex data.

OWN is a visual data platform for collaboration between humans and artificial agents. OWN empowers distributed the mixed teams to jointly answer complex questions by visually combining data from different sources:

  • Files
  • Links / Websites
  • Real-Time Data Analytics



Police officers solve complex cases by connecting information from different sources: mobile photos, archived files, social media analytics and real-time data.

Decision Making

Managers understand the status quo from visualized information and develop strategies that prepare their business for the future.


Teachers and students share OWN boards to jointly develop a common understanding. Teachers share slides and related information, students, share project work. Artificial agents guide the process and keep the information up-to-date.


Researchers, Designers and Developers run design thinking sessions, analyze data and generate new insights. They develop new solutions in distributed teams.

Management Team

Sebastian Denef


Business, Design & Technology. Manager of early mobile applications for BMW, O2, Nokia, Orange. PhD in Human-Computer Interaction from Technical University Delft. Scholar of the German National Academic Foundation.
Lived in Germany, China and the USA.

Tatjana Samsonowa


Business. Innovation Management. Relationshipmanager at SAP for Intel, Microsoft, ABB, Philips. Scholar of the German National Academic Foundation.
Lived in Russia, Germany and Mexiko.

Oleg Ignatov


Managing Director of OWN.space Innopolis. Masters in management of software engineering from Innopolis University and in fluid, gas and plasma mechanics. Head of IT at Adaba.

Aleksandr Nedorezov


Passionate Software Engineer. Fluent in a variety of programming languages. Masters in software engineering from Innopolis University and in mathematics and informatics.

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  • Otto-Suhr-Allee 18/20
         10585 Berlin
  • +49 30 98 33 84 66
  • info@own.space
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